Thanksgiving in Gainesville, FL

Nick, with the whole week off from work, and I headed down to Gainesville, FL to spend It's like a scene from the movie Alien!the holiday with our families. All of the Montalvo’s were in town including our favorite Mike Severson (pretty much our brother in law – we love you!), our uncle, Tio Jaime, and our cousins Tatiana and Cristi. We had not been able to all get together like that in ten years! It was also the first time the family got to see Nick and I since we announced the big news so everyone was looking for a baby bump on me and were thrilled to see the ultrasound pictures. Of course, it made the perfect time for Miguel and Tiomi (oldest brother and uncle) to bring out their ‘ole time favorite monster bellies for the camera! Right now, they have me beat, but give me a few more months and I’ll be casting bigger shadows on my shoes.
daddys-doodies1Nick was also surprised with a gift from Tiomi – a gag gift made with all kinds of love. It’s hilarious – we’ll be sure Nick wears it and shows it off any chance we get! 😉
We also got to spend some real quality time with Nick’s mom, Sue and his sister, Kathy with her husband, Pat. We got the best of both worlds! Sue even found a baby swing for us already! We’re so excited to use it and also not have to worry about finding one now. How great!

All in all we had three thanksgiving dinners including six different dessert pies. Good thing I’m allowed to eat for two right now and gain weight! Hahaha!

Our little dogs, Buddy and Max also had the best Thanksgiving ever. Buddy was reuinted with his original daddy, Jaime, and Max with his original daddy, Beau. They got so much attention the whole weekend and ran around so much that you would have thought we gave them Nyquil for the seven hour drive home. They slept in the back seat the whole way.

Being with family is very important to us so this Thanksgiving we were especially thankful for everyone being able to come together. Happy Holidays everyone!



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