There’s something in the water…


The coincidences are just unbelievabe...

The stars must have alligned just right this past September or we all drank from the same water fountain because we have four friends pregnant and due within a four week period including us. It’s absolutely amazing!

First we found out that our twin couple, Ruth and Jonathan, in Nashville, TN are due one day before us on June 3rd. Unbelievably exciting! We thought that was exciting news all on it’s own!

Then we found out that one of my Canada girlfiriends, Rebecca (and Ross) is pregnant and due July 2nd.  She also caught my bouquet at my wedding. Weird!



Guess which couple is pregnant....

Then just the other night, my best buds from high school – I call them brothers of mine – here in Atlanta are going to be dads. Matt and April are due June 20th and Nathan and Heather are due July 2nd.

So again, within a four week period the lives of four of our friends as well as ourselves will change dramatically and all together at the same time. That’s one heck of a support system!

It’s already exciting to be heading into parenthood – but to be headed there with some amazing friends makes it less scary than before. Congratulations to all our friends! Should be a fun ride!


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