18 Weeks: Happy New Year!

A lot of great news to share with you in this blog!
It’s like I woke up on December 23rd and my belly was noticeably bigger. Crazy! Head to rump, Baby Bazin is about 5.5 inches long (about the size of a bell pepper) and weighs almost 7 ounces. BB is busy flexing his/her arms and legs – movements I should start noticing more and more in the weeks ahead. I’ll let you know when I can distinguish that feeling from just my stomach cherning or plain ole’ gas. ;o)
Coming up on Jan.7 (Nick’s Birthday everyone!) we will have our next ultrasound to find out if Baby Bazin is a HER or a HIM. Thanks to Abbie and Mark Batia we discovered this really fun website where everyone can submit their guesses online into a friendly pool.  Enter a guess on our online Baby Pool! And may the best guesser win! Enter your guess before we announce the gender so you can play along for the whole ride.


Baby Bazin is doing very well and although has helped keep the nausea at bay, I now battle heartburn more than ever! (out with the old and in with the new I guess.)  It doesn’t matter what I eat it burns on the way down and it burns until I’m done digesting. Oh well. I still insisted on enjoying every bite of that pernil (roast pig) and arroz con gandulez at christmas. I just couldn’t take part in the coquito – the most wonderful drink in the world! (Puerto Rican egg nog – it has RUM of course!) 😉

Nick and I spent Christmas in Gainesville, FL again with our families. The warm weather was amazing! 70’s and 80’s all week. It was gorgeous! We even spent the day hopping to the Disney Resorts and Magic Kingdom with sister, Kathy and her husband, Pat. It’s never too early for Baby Bazin to start learning all the songs afterall right? graco-baby-swing

Nick’s mamasita, Sue, gave us one of the best baby swings! A GRACO that has all the right sounds, speeds and colors we love. Thanks mama! We are so excited about the little life that is about to change our world – and are so thankful to have such supportive families right there with us the whole way! Along with the swing, Sue hooked me up with some really nice maternity tops that will come in handy. My mamasita and papa have already begun to spoil us with baskets of baby fun. My closet has become the storage space for now.

Nick and I begin the process of closing on a house in Decatur in the coming weeks! Yes – we made an offer and only one counteroffer later we are signing papers! More on that to come in blogs down the road. For now we start the inspections and hope everything goes smoothly from here!


Laughter is the best medicine!

Christmas was filled with a lot of quality family time. My grandfather, Pito, spent the whole holiday at North Florida Regional Hospital getting treatment for an infection in his leg that stumped the doctors and left him unable to walk. We made our visits every day, brought christmas to him in the form of a Florida Gator’s stocking, gifts and Christmas Crackers (an English tradition that we have kept with us since we moved from there). His spirits are higher now after the doctors finally reached a conclusion on the diagnosis and started some more aggresive treatment. He walked for 490 feet today! YAY!

As we close the year of 2008 my breath gets knocked out of me thinking about all that has happened in one year and also all that is about to change in only a matter of months. We hope you have loved ones near by to hug and kiss when the clock strikes 12. I like to look at New Years as a time to be thankful for all that came our way in the year that passed by and celebrating all the wonders life has to bring in the year ahead. There were plenty of tough times and speed bumps along the way in 2008, but I have to focus on the good things in order to keep enjoying life. So here’s to all of you wonderful family and friends in our lives! I’m raising my ‘virgin margarita’ to you and toasting to the love we have for each of you – you make a positive difference in our lives and for that we are forever thankful! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mickey in the middle...

Mickey in the middle...


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