Week 19: Nick’s Birthday Today!

Today has been a very memorable birthday for Nick. Finding out if our little baby is a boy or a girl has been a whirlwind of emotions! Then sharing the news with family over the phone made it even more fun. I hope you are all ready to find out what we are having. If you don’t want to know yet then close your browser right now! 


Nick with his Cinnabon birthday cake. yum!

For Nick’s birthday other than finding out Baby Bazin’s gender, he got a cinnabon ‘cake’, a cookie cake from Baby Bazin that says I LOVE DAD, and cards from all of us: Buddy, Max, Baby Bazin and me! 😉 The exciting news alone made for such an amazing day. I know I was on cloud nine all day long.
Ok… ready to know?
We’re having a little girl! Nick is so excited to be having a little Daddy’s girl. Of course, either way we would have just been so excited and we were already very happy for all the healthy reports from the doctors. But I have to admit that I did have a hunch. All this time I insisted on spending more time searching for girl baby names and girl stuff than any boy names or boy clothes. Kinda weird! They call it a mother’s intuition for something I guess. 😉 When I called my mom along with Miguel (oldest brother) and nana and pito down in Gainesville, FL to tell all of them I asked her to make sure the house was awake before I told her. Knowing she was going to scream I would not tell her until she was sure everyone was awake. Of course, when I told her she was having a grandaughter she screamed! It was such a great moment. Dad and I cried together over the phone with happiness. Our siblings are all so excited to be getting a little niece to spoil too. It was such a great day in the Bazin and Montalvo families today!
I also went ahead and bought a few matrernity pants. They are so much more comfortable! I don’t have to resort to them every day yet as I still have a few pants and jeans that work fine, but I thought before my spring gets too busy for me to have time or energy to shop I went ahead and took the plunge. I caught some great after christmas sales and didn’t spend too much at all actually. 
You can see some really neat shots of our baby girl in the next few ultrasound pictures. The first picture is of her toosh – she had her bum in the air waiting for the nurse to take her picture and show all her goods. She was mooning us! So funny! Her knees are tucked toward her with her feet back toward the camera which makes her legs look really short. She also had one leg over head for most of the visit like in some sort of yoga pose. It was really comical. The last picture is an adorable capture of her little bitty foot where you can see all her toes and the other two show her laying on her back with her big pot belly sticking out looking just like her mama.
We watched all four chambers of her heart pumping which was so fascinating and everything is developing really well. She is 10 ounces and roughly the size of a large heirloom tomato.  19-weeks-heirloom-tomato
This journey is already very exciting and we’re almost half way through already. Incredible! Today was so much fun. Thank you to family and friends for letting us share our excitement with you. We love you all so very much!

8 Responses to “Week 19: Nick’s Birthday Today!”

  1. Lomer Says:

    Yay! I guessed correctly! I continue to be so excited for you. And happy birthday Nick!

  2. swanner Says:


    I was thinking about you guys in the store this afternoon and wondering what happened. That’s so exciting! Odder, your matching bellies are full-on adorable.

    I can’t wait to meet her!

  3. babybazin Says:

    Hot mama!! Thanks so much for everything yesterday, Adita…such a wonderful day!

  4. Kimberly Says:

    Congratulations to both of you, and to the proud family-to-be as well! Tell Nick to practice his yoga too….that’s a very tiny finger to get wrapped around >;-> Adita, you are the most ravishingly beautiful mommy-to-be! So excited for you!

  5. Arlisa Williams Says:

    I still think you’re going to have a boy. He may have been hiding his weewee. They get a little shy. 🙂 Seriously, congratulations! I’m excited for you both! Arlisa

  6. babybazin Says:

    If it’s a bazin boy..there’s no hiding. OH! Did I cross the line?

  7. Anne & Bob Says:

    Much love and congratulations to the three of you. We are totally partial to girls—having 4 daughters and 6 granddaughters—don’t tell the 4 grandsons I said this! We’re so happy for you. Our daughter in Clinton, KY was asking the other day if you were still up in that area. Please let us know.

  8. Michele Says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Girls are so much fun to shop for! Congrads! I’m still trying to absorb the pregnancy! 🙂 Nick better start now and figure out how’s gonna keep the boys away!

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