Week 36: Forecast-Showers…26 days to go!

horo_large_geminiWe are within the last four weeks now and feeling pretty good about everything. Enough can’t be said of all the friends and family that are helping us to prepare for this amazing addition to our lives. When little Ada arrives there is no doubt that she will be showered with much love and affection. For now though, we’re being showered with gifts and gatherings and what fun they are! It all started with our friend Christie who organized the first shower with everyone at Georgia State. Christie has been an a great friend for a long time and very helpful throughout the whole pregnancy. She even house sat for us and took care of Max while we were in Orlando for a family and friends baby shower last weekend. Pictures from both showers are included in this blog below.
As for Adita – she has grown and so has her mama. I weigh as much as Nick now! 😉 You can click on the GEMINI logo above to read Adita’s horoscope as a Gemini Child.
Adita is still packing on the pounds — at the rate of about an ounce a day. She now weighs almost 6 pounds and is more than 18 1/2 inches long. At the end of this week, Adita will be considered full-term. (Full-term is 37 to 42 weeks; babies born before 37 weeks are pre-term and those born after 42 are post-term.) The doctor already says she’s in a head-down position. She kicking and stretching out all the time and has made my ribs a little tender to the touch. I get frequent mild contractions called Braxton Hicks contractions where my belly gets really tight – it’s like my body is practicing for the big day. Watching my belly contort and move around is so surreal and makes me laugh too. We are still reading, singing and playing music to her determined to have her come out with rhythm already – there’s no way that she won’t with those Puerto Rican genes in her. 😉
Oscar_statueNick has been an amazing support! He doesn’t mind me sharing all the weird things I experience as we get closer to the due date. He seems to read more about pregnancy than I do and reminds me of all the things I should and should not be doing as well as the development stages  is currently going through. Along with this he single handedly keeps the house up and running from dinner plans to dishes, mowing the yard, cleaning and laundry loads. I feel like all I’m doing is coming up with new projects to start and ideas about organizing things to get ready for the third member of our family. It really feels like there is so much to do. I feel lucky to have such an amazing hubby to provide all the amazing support and nurturing he has given.
Our wonderful friends at work at Georgia State threw us a baby shower at Mellow Mushroom and surrounded us all with awesome pizza, delicious cake and a shower of gifts for Ada to open. gift_timeChristie Rink (an old friend from UF grad school) was the host and had everyone playing fun games like guessing what amount of measuring tape they would need to wrap around Ada’s belly. Everyone guessed too big! HaHa! With the whole volleyball team there along with some staff from work and a few other friends the crowd was really fun. We so appreciate the help we got in getting ready for Adita’s arrival! Books, clothing, diapers, pacifiers, high chair, toys, music, bath toys and bath products as well as this awesome little electronic gadget called “Itzbeen” that helps keep track of all the different schedules for the baby: diaper changing, feeding and sleeping. Thank you Shannon!
generations of babiesA few days later we headed down to Orlando for a baby shower that our families were both holding for us. Nick’s sister, Kathy and Ada’s Aunt, Lyzette co-hosted the big family fiesta. It was so important for us to be with family before the big event and get a chance to see as many of them as possible. Not only did we stop in Gainesville, FL on the way down to see Nana and Pito, but we also got to see Nick’s Mom, Sue, cousins and Aunt and Uncles as well as a few friends. Old friend from UFwere able to come over with their new little boy, Brooks – Abbie and Mark were so sweet to make it over.
With cousins Marie, Louis and wife Kimberly – love them!
With UF friends Mark and Abbie with 8 month old son, Brooks. Adorable!

three amigosThe highlight game was definitely making the guys feel pregnant by putting a balloon in their shirts and then were challenged to bend over to tie their shoe laces without popping the balloon. Hilarious!

We had such a relaxing weekend by the pool and in the pool as well as a little spa treatment for a pedicure. Yay!

by the poolThank you Kathy and Lyzette for making our weekend getaway a dream! We will remember it for a long time to come since it will be a long time until we get another one! 😉

shower cake OrlandoAgain, we were also showered with amazing food, finger licking cake and tons of gifts to help us have all the tools in place for Adita’s home coming. More diapers, first aid kits, safety products to baby-proof the house, adorable clothing, hooded bath towels, the baby monitor, photo albums and photo frames and so much more!
We are also excited to some day have a beautiful baby room downstairs with the addition of this wall applique. It will give such a nice personal touch to her room once we are ready to move her downstairs.
small beginnings
On our way back up to Atlanta, we even got the chance to sit and have lunch with our very close friends, Lauren and Jordan – so awesome! We miss you guys and can’t wait to spend more time with you this summer!
jordan and lauren
 We had such a great time and are so grateful for everyone taking getting excited with us. We love you all so much!lorrenz and bazin gathering

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    Odder, the picture I was talking about was the one with you, Nick, and your cousins…. 😉

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