Week 38: Are we there yet?

baby bump week 38May 20, 2009: Only 14 days to go, but we all think that little Ada is coming early. Even the doctor seems to think so. We’ll see. I know I feel ready.
Today also marks 3 amazing years of marriage to Nick! yay! We had an awesome dinner at Taquerilla Del Sol in downtown Decatur tonight – yum! We’re getting in our ‘nights out’ while we can right?

It was my last day at work today. My maternity leave starts now and I get a full ten weeks paid! I’ll be back for our pre-season at the start of August, but for now I get to look forward to putting my feet up, taking warm-baths then also going through the whole nesting process. Still a few things left to get and do before little Ada arrives home for her first day in our lives. Mom and Dad arrive here this Friday afternoon and we are so incredibly grateful that they will be here to help and support us. We will also just love the time we get to spend with them while they are here.
Mom also sent a few heirlooms ahead of her arrival – two very old books that my two brothers and I all enjoyed as we grew up. The crayon scribbles on some of the pages show proof of that enjoyment. ;o) So with love, little Ada will get some time to enjoy these stories in their original light before digital remastering came about. baby books

May 21, 2009: Went to the doc today and all is well. She said that little Ada will be a smaller baby (which is great for me and my hips) and that she is doing really well with a very good heart beat. Let’s see if we make it to the next doctor’s appt. next week or not. Could be any day now….
Love to everyone out there and we will keep you all posted on Adita’s arrival.


5 Responses to “Week 38: Are we there yet?”

  1. Mama Says:

    You look so great! The belly sure looks lower! Adita is coming earlier, I can feel it.
    You included the books in the blog! How cute! I can see each of you staring at the pages as we read the stories. You were all mesmerized by the colorful images.
    We will be there tomorrow.
    Mama and Papa

  2. Floris Says:

    Happy delivery!!!!!!! What a joyous moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Floris 7 Victor

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Hey Ada!! You look great!! Ruth and I are getting the opposite news though. Desmond just doesn’t want to come out yet, and our Dr. said he is going to be a big baby. Happy Anniversary to the both of you too!!! Talk to you soon,

  4. mamasita Says:

    Looking good!! I can see that she is upside down and almost ready to exit. Enjoy the last few days before the big arrival. What a joyful moment. Make sure Nick keeps me posted what is happening. Lots of Love to all, MOM

  5. jocelyn Says:

    should have got pregnant in canada..we get a full year of paid maternity leave!…haha…but good luck with everything!..hope to hear from you soon

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