Week 38.5: Really?

snl_amy_sethMedical experts say that high levels of stress could bring on labor pains…

which brings us to a little segment we like to call Really!?! With Nick and Ada.

After returning from the movies with mom and dad last night, we walked into the house to find our little dog, Max, bleeding from several puncture wounds on his back leg and neck. Really? We already went through one dog trauma, we don’t need another one. Needless to say we panicked and immediately went to work on dressing his wounds and finding an emergency vet clinic.
When we made it to the clinic and finally got to hear some news on his progress it was already midnight and I was feeling stronger and stronger contractions. More uncomfortable than before. Really? At the vet clinic at midnight? I was not about to deliver at an animal hospital! At around 1am we got final word of Max’s condition – which was stable and that he sustained severe muscle damage to his left back leg – no vital organs or bones damaged thank goodness! But the initial bill came back at $1,565 – Really? He stands 1ft off the ground and weighs 9lbs – he doesn’t take a lot of medicine or space. Really? That costs more than our monthly mortgage rate! You could feed a village on that tab. Really?? At this point my contractions got stronger and I was holding on to the table for support. The vet took the paper and said they could make some adjustments to Max’s treatment to bring the cost down. Wish you could have seen her face when she saw a big preganant lady breathing harder and holding on to the table while clinching the bill in her fists. She came back with a new total of $640. Really? More than half less?? Why couldn’t you do that to begin with. They took off some of the x-ray charges and medicines as well as the overnight stay charge.

We left Max there to be monitored, paid the bill and left for home to monitor the next patient… me. After 2.5 hours of contractions 5 min. apart we decided to go to the hospital. We arrived at 3:30am, got into a delivery room and went through the process of checking everything to see how I progressed. Well, now that I was in a calm environment and knew Max was going to be ok, I didn’t progress and stayed at 1cm. So they sent me home and we all got to bed around 6:30am. Nick went and got Max from the vet at 7am we were all back together again, but sleeping through the afternoon.

My nurse seems to think we’ll be having a baby before Wednesday so we’ll see. We’ll certainly keep everyone posted.

For now, keep Max in your thoughts as he heals very bad wounds and we hope he’ll be able to walk normally again some day. Max - summer 2007For now he’ll be recovering for several weeks until his stiches come out and medication is lowered. We also need to look into higher fences as we seem to think a bigger dog jumped our fence and got to Max that way. Luckily Max got away as best he could and had his doggy door to get through back to safety inside the house.


2 Responses to “Week 38.5: Really?”

  1. christina w Says:

    sorry, to hear all of that, yikes 😦 hang in there and good luck this week!!!

  2. Edo Says:

    Having a Vet Clinic as your birth hospital would start some conversations!

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