Welcome Home Baby Ada!


The story begins Thursday, May 28th at 2am…the contractions began… we left for the hospital and I was excited and scaredDSC032813…16 hours later, Ada Leola finally graced us with her presence!

At 4:46pm weighing in at only 5lbs, 13oz and extending to an impressive 19.5 inches long – mommy gave the last push to send Adita safely into the doctor’s hands. Amazing! A very emotional moment for all to say the least. It was a very long day of labor and delivery. Adita fed really well on her first try and we all slept happily ever after. DSC03311

Mommy Ada had to be monitored over night in the delivery room before being moved to recovery the next day. She was hooked up to a lot of different pumps and monitors due to her high blood pressure during labor and delivery. The doctors and nurses did a fantastic job in relieving the stress on the birth for both mommy and baby – could have been a lot longer night! It was also thanks to the great teamwork from Nick as well as Ada’s parents in the room during delivery with so much support and encouragement to give!


 DSC03329Within baby Ada’s first 48 hours of life she received many smiling visitors! Friends Mika, April, Matt and Christie all came by to see baby Ada. She was being admired by so many in so little time – we’re already spoiling her! And of course lets not forget the proud parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles that are all around her this weekend!



with pat kathy




















Nick stayed with Ada the first night and helped out with her hourly check ups from the RNs and tried to sleep through Adita’s feeding times all night long. The staff at Piedmont Hospital were really amazing. Us new parents can be such high maintenance and they really were so caring and kind! I am so grateful for all they did to help and comfort us during our stay. DSCN0518The security measures they take are also very impressive – Baby Ada and Mommy had matching bracelets that sang a song whenever we were reunited in the hospital. SO CUTE! If another baby was brought in the room the bracelets would buzz instead of sing a song.  








” My first kiss belongs to daddy.”





It was all such an emotional experience that even seeing the baby footprints made Mommy get all choked up!

Las Tres Ada’s! (The Three Ada’s)

We arrived home yesterday on Saturday, May 30th and have made the transition so far into the daily routine ok. MY!, how our world has been altered!!! And we love it! Baby Ada is very entertaining. She makes these cute little squeeks in her sleep, smiles and sticks out her tongue a lot.  She has so many facial expressions already. And we are documenting it all – it’s astonishing how many pictures we already have of Ada within the first 48 hours of her life! GOODNESS!


She loves to sleep so far and hasn’t liked eating until today… the tiny little girl needs to eat though. When we put her in her crib for the first time she looked even smaller!! Nicknames like peanut and baby burrito come to mind. 😉
Ada’s parents (now proud grandparents) have been here helping since May 22nd and what a godsend they have been! So many projects have gotten done around the house in preparation for Baby Ada’s arrival and their support and guidance into parenthood is truly appreciated!!!! They are amazing!! Also, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Pat are visiting for the weekend from Florida and have been a tremendous help in every way possible including running our yard sale Saturday morning to make room for Baby Ada and raise money for her college fund. 🙂 So far she’s off to a great start. Having so many extra hands around the house has made the transition home with a newborn very easy and we are so grateful and feel very loved.


Her first storybook time with Daddy. DSC03355


7 Responses to “Welcome Home Baby Ada!”

  1. Loren Omer Says:

    What a beautiful girl. Congratulations again you guys! She’s amazing! You’re amazing! Everything is amazing!

  2. Abbie Says:

    FINALLY!!!! I think she is the most beautiful new born little girl ever!!!!! We are so happy for you guys! You are so blessed!!!!
    Lots of love!
    Abbie, Mark, and Brooks

  3. Mama Says:

    Dear Ada and Nick;
    All your blog postings have been original, witty, and well written. This one has a star in it, and it is our Baby Ada.
    Love and congratulations!
    Mama and Papa

  4. Sarita & Ben Says:

    Glad that everything went so smoothly. She is beautiful and everyone is glowing!
    Congratulations! Sarita & Ben

  5. Bob and Anne Says:

    Congratulations! What a blessing! She entered this wide world the day before our 50th anniversary. Our house was as hectic as yours this weekend! We are so happy for you!

  6. Edo Says:


    Welcome welcome little baby borito!
    Finally someone to keep those wild parents in line!
    Looks like you already have them wrapped around your little toes.

  7. Floris Says:

    Congratulations! We are so happy that you all are feeling so happy and are doing well.

    She looks so precious!!!!! May God bless you all always. Love, Floris & Victor

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