7 days and 49 poops later…

1Adita’s first week has been eventful! Our paparazzi ways have captured a lot of funny moments. She explores the world around her with her gorgeous eyes and already turns and lifts her head a little. She can turn on her side while she sleeps and melts our hearts with her tiny little smiles. Her smiles can mean several things, but often it means she’s passing gas. 😉


Lucky for Nick and I we have my parents here helping and spoiling her. There is no shortness of cuddling when it comes to Adita – there are four pairs of arms waiting to hold her at any given moment!

Her weight check at the doctor’s office went very well! She gained a few ounces since we left the hospital so that’s good! She is still a little under 6lbs so her diapers are currently preemies! The next size up is for 8-12lbs. Feels like it will take weeks to get her to 8lbs! Regardless, she is happy and healthy.

DSCN0565Aunt Kathy and Uncle Pat had a great time with their niece all weekend. Being Adita’s ONLY Aunt, Kathy is proud to hold the role  and the baby. She is so sweet with Adita! Look closely as Adita’s right hand and you’ll see she’s rockin’ out! HILARIOUS!

So far Adita is the baby of many faces and poses. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

As the questions still remain as to who’s ears she has, who’s nose she has and so on….we did discover a striking similarity between my baby picture (taken in 1979) and hers. Take a look and you be the judge…

mommy and adita comparison




This is the face of a fed baby… happiness is. 😉




3 Responses to “7 days and 49 poops later…”

  1. Loren Omer Says:

    Look at all that hair!

  2. Floris Says:

    She definitely looks like her Mommy! She is adorable! I can see how each one lights up when holding beautiful Adita! There is nothing better in the world than being a grandparent!!!!!!!!!! God bless you all. Love, Floris

  3. Jaime Says:

    She is freaking ADORABLE!!!! I just want to squeeze her she’s so cute…ok so maybe I shouldn’t really do that…..I’ll have to wait until she’s older for her Uncle to squeeze her.

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