21st birth-day and Graduation already?


At only 21 days old, Adita has already grown quite a bit, gone on a road trip, met all of her grandparents including her great grandparents, as well as her godparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. In short, she’s been very busy.
Let’s first announce that she graduated from preemie diapers to newborn size! Yay! We made her a diaper graduation cap in honor of the occasion. 😉





Her last doctor visit on June 15th revealed that her current weight is 7lbs, 1 oz. She also grew one more inch already and is now 20.5 inches long. She eats like crazy – now asking for 3 ounces and sometimes a little more. She also poops a lot more! Yikes! Her new nickname is Gizmo Caca!

Her uncle Jaime and girlfriend, Kristin, came on a weekend visit and we had a blast hanging out! No question that Adita is getting mega spoiled! 
DSCN0633With grandparents, Mama and Papa – taking a quick photo shoot before Papa leaves for the airport. See you in July Papa!


adita_birthday071The most historical moment this past week was the chance for Adita to spend five days with her great grandparents in Gainesville, FL as well as her original name sake – the four generations of Ada’s were united for a week of fun in the sun. Well, it was too hot to be out in the sun, so it was a week of fun indoors.

adita_birthday074Adita had an exciting week in Gainesville, FL visiting her family and friends. She even had a 2.5 hour professional photo shoot – those pictures will come in the near future …Adita was a trooper and actually loved all the camera flashes – maybe she was born to be under the spotlight. Haha! Our wedding photographer from ’06, Rob Witzel and wife, Marion, arranged some BEAUTIFUL photos of Adita with her great grandparents, the four Ada’s and with her mommy. Can’t wait to see them all!

In other news…….Adita is very aware and alert all the time. She has already found herself in the mirror and likes to check herself out on occasion. 😉

She also loves bath time. Being in the warm water calms her completely. It’s getting out of the water and trying to stay warm that is the hard part. 
Adita  also had a big moment when she shocked us all and held her own bottle!! She grabbed it from me here – this is a real picture. It is not photo-shopped nor did I put her hands in place.


UF Grad friends, Molly and Drew (newly engaged!) came to visit on their way into town from Key West.adita_birthday003

Work associate, Awilda, stopped by one day after work to pay us a visit too. 😉

adita_birthday006Looking straight into her grandma Sue’s eyes. How cute!

Her first visit with her Godparents, Lauren and Jordan – what a precious moment!adita_birthday045

Comfortable in the arms of her second cousin, Teri.


Hanging out with Titi Lyzette.


In matching dresses with her cousin, Skylar and friend of Skylar’s, Brooke.adita_birthday054So popular that even Bob and Anne Funkhouser came by to spend a moment with Adita.

With cousin, Gabriel and his girlfriend, Heather during our last night in Gainesville – what a good looking group!! 😉
More good news! Max is back home and is doing very well. All his wounds healed beautifully and amazingly, he is walking very close to normal as well as running and jumping like he used to. He’s such a strong little guy! Unlike the picture shows, he now has his lamp shade off and all his stitches are out. His favorite place to get rubbed is his neck, for sure! He’s so happy to have the lamp shade off! He is very sweet with Adita and carefully approaches her to sniff and kiss her feet. It’s really cute.


Our friends, Jonathon and Ruth in Nashville had their baby boy on June 4th and are home also figuring out life with a newborn just like us. We call each other as often as we can to compare notes. We’re hoping their Desmond and our Adita get to meet in the near future. Ruth worked through a 27hour labor to deliver Desmond and is doing really well, considering. What a trooper!!
Atlanta friends, Matt and April had their little girl recently on June 18th. Madalyne Mae was very nice to her mommy and popped out in about 30 minutes when it was time to push. 8lbs, 1oz and 21 inches long, Maddy is a precious baby girl and adjusting to life on land very well. We’re so happy for them. Nathan and Heather are next then Rebecca and Ross up in Canada. Can’t wait to hear more baby news!


One Response to “21st birth-day and Graduation already?”

  1. Teri Says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Nick!

    I loved meeting Baby Adita and seeing everyone Thursday.

    All my love,

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