What’s that smell?

One month old on June 28th


She’s still learning to open her hand before hitting the volleyball, but we’re getting there. 😉
At one month she is starting to focus on the world around her a little better. She can find us by the sound of our voice and follow us with her eyes fairly well. And we can find her really easily by the smell of her toots!

Adita’s “aunties” Suawanna and Alaina came to visit while in town to see Eddie Vedder. (Always thought it was cool that he has double d’s in his first and last name – not to mention he is a fantastic musician/artist, of course.) Anyway, this is such a sweet picture of the three of them because Adita is smiling and loving the attention she’s getting. hee hee 😉


We very much miss her grand”mama” – we felt so much more confident as parents with her here, but we will be fine. She will also be with her grandparents and uncles in July when we go to San Antonio together. Thank you Mama for everything!!! You were so awesome and helped us get some much needed rest during the first month. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


“La Maja Desnuda” by Goya – what a poser!!!



With memories of labor day still clear in our heads, we truly cannot believe we are already one month into parenthood. 😉 Besides the very fussy times she goes through during the day, we really are loving every moment. We are forever changed for the better, and our life together has new meaning. For the first time, we are actually paying attention to commercials about life insurance. Best of all we have a little life that depends on us and needs us to provide for her. It’s the best feeling in the world when she falls asleep on your shoulder or the times that she is alert, watching every move we make and responding to the toys we bring out to entertain her with. So adorable!

More baby news! Atlanta friends, Heather and Nathan had their baby girl, Emersen, earlier than expected on June 24th. We’re all looking forward to baby play dates!


One Response to “What’s that smell?”

  1. Swanner Says:

    I know you guys felt better with Odder’s mom there, but you should have no worries about your parenting abilities… you guys are so great with her! It was wonderful to see you all, and I can’t wait til the next trip up! And when I get to take Adita to the aquarium… 🙂

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