The stay-cation comes to an end…

The summer was fun and jam packed – but, as the old saying goes, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.
Mommy returns to work on Monday the 3rd and Adita will begin her first day at Daycare. Daddy got an awesome new job up in Norcross, GA and has been getting over the shock of a REAL commute to work. No more getting up 10 minutes before work and walking downstairs to start the day. But the job and the pay are WAY better so we’re ok with it!

2 monthsADITA on her very merry 2 month un-birthday

The little princess has met most of her family now and has grown in every way possible! Not only has she gained weight (she weighs 10.5 lbs!), but she has developed quite a little personality too! She smiles on a regular basis now, repsonds to our voices and other sounds around her and is starting to reach and grab a little here and there. In fact, today while I was working at the computer and she was next to me sleeping I turn to look at her and she had her pacifier in her mouth – I didn’t put it there! So cool! I would have loved to have seen her do that though! Too bad I missed that moment. Well, as you can see by the pictures below we havn’t missed too many other moments! Enjoy all the fun updates and special memories she shared with family and friends. We’ll try to keep up with the updates as best as we can in the future. All the best to all of you and yours! xoxox

first class passengerHer FIRST Airplane Ride- we flew to San Antonio for Dad’s Retirement, FIRST CLASS! 😉 The flight attendant even offered for us to take a picture in the cockpit. WOW! I didn’t know they did this anymore. Adita got her wings that day. She was so well behaved and slept the whole way there. Such a good baby. in the cockpit







She was awesome at Dad’s retirement ceremony and dinner – she slept the whole time there too! That was an amazing day! And for all of us to be together on such a momentus occassion was truly a gift. Dad retired from the Air Force as a Colonel after 30 years. He had an incredible career decorated with medals of honor, world travels, major accomplishments that served the medical world in many ways and many prestigous assignments. I learned a lot about my dad that day and seeing so many high ranked officers attend to speak about him and celebrate his career made me glow with pride. Being an Air Force family provided us very rich experiences that I am so grateful for and hope to give something similar to Adita as she grows up.
dads retirement ceremony

 From left to right: Tio Yayi, cousins Sandra & Sofia, Titi Sarita, Me and Adita, cousin Sylvia, Mom & Dad, Brothers Miguel & Jaime with his girlfriend, Kristin

She had tons of time with family. Her uncles were so sweet with her! Made mommy choke up a few times. 😉 We took her to her first tourist attraction: the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio. Adita wasn’t very interested…
5 weeks010DSCN0841



with uncle miguel









Her first time with Uncle Miguel. So precious!!

with uncle jaime

Cozy on the couch with Uncle Jaime.


LOOK how much her head has grown –
first picture was taken at 1 Day old.
Second picture was taken at 2 months old.


head grew

clancy nana







While in San Antonio at her grandparent’s house their golden retriever, Clancy took on the role as Nana and came running to check on Adita any time she fussed or cried. He was so good with her and always so concerned about her. Made me want a Golden! We’ll wait about 5 years for that though. 😉

She also made sure to get all her Gator Gear taken care of while we were in Gainesville too. :o) Meeting all the UF Volleyball peeps was so great – she was hugged and adored by many. So sweet!
gator girl

This is by far her favorite place to be – there’s no place like daddy’s comfortable arms!

asleep with dad


3 Responses to “The stay-cation comes to an end…”

  1. Mama Says:

    Great memories! I miss you lots! Thank you for coming, and for making these days extra special.

  2. Floris Says:

    Thank you for continuing to share her special moments. God has bless you with a wonderful family. Love, Floris

  3. Joey Says:

    I love the lab with Adita. It cracks me up along with the photo of you almost asleep on the couch.

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