Rice, Rice Baby

We reached another milestone! Adita started Rice Cereal this past week! She was getting up to 7 ounces of milk and still hungry so we decided to thicken up her milk a bit. It seems to work well too. She gets some in her milk at night and sleeps really well. We tried to spoon feed her once, but we quickly found that it would take hours to feed her from the bowl.

This face will be the reason we spoil her!

This face will be the reason we spoil her!

These days, Adita is started to teeth and is always ‘talking’ to us. Lately she’s been making high pitch eagle-like noises that could break glass if she held the note long enough. She’s grabbing things, holding them in front of her face to get a closer look at and is getting better and better at holding her own bottle! She’s such a sweetheart and is a big hit at her daycare. They absolutely go nuts over her when we are dropping her off. Adita is always so alert in the morning and looking around with those big blue eyes. She loves people talking to her and listens intently. So adorable!
On a more ‘real life’ point (be sure you’re not eating at the time you read this)…her poop is getting more and more ‘human like’. ;o) Must be that rice cereal because WOW! We HAVE to take turns doing diaper changes now so that our lungs don’t fill with toxic gasses! YIKES!
Thanks to the Draper family we have this wonderful baby carrier that Adita LOVES to be in. We love it too because we can get other things done around the house or around town with our hands free. She doesn’t like being in it facing us, she only wants to face out to see everything around her. So funny to see her strapped onto her Daddy!
Shopping with my Daddy

Shopping with my Daddy

Adita turns 4 months old on the 28th of September and will have her next set of vaccination shots at that time. NO FUN! We’ll also be hoping that the doctor likes how her head is shaping. No helmet please! Fingers crossed. We’ll also find out what the doctor thinks about her teething starting up. She seems to love the cold water teething toys and is pretty good at holding it in place so she can bite down on it.
It’s also fun to see her smiling so much and even letting out a little laugh from time to time. Being parents just gets better and better every week. She learns things really fast and is interacting with us all the time. So much fun!
 [blip.tv ?posts_id=2645325&dest=-1]
[blip.tv ?posts_id=2645306&dest=-1]
rice rice baby1
rice rice baby22
rice rice baby16
rice rice baby34
rice rice baby35

5 Responses to “Rice, Rice Baby”

  1. Nate Says:

    Nice. Emmie’s been pretty noisy and grabby lately too. Crazy how the grow up. Love that first picture.

  2. Mama Says:

    Loved the photos! She is getting cuter by the moment. We were salivating looking over the pictures. The toxic fumes comment brought back some very….shall I say….”relished” memories…..

    Those high-pitch sounds are such s delight! Cannot wait to hear them!

    Love, Mama and Papa

  3. Mama Says:

    We are still drooling over the videos!!!!

  4. Ledom Says:

    So cute. Maddy is makes those noises every once in a while. I love em. I was laughing out loud when I watched that. Got thing no one was in the office yet. We need to get the girls together again. They might start interacting now.

  5. Floris Says:

    She simply looks adorable and very happy. Of course, with the loving parents and family she has, Adita surely knows what happines is. She likes facing forward for she is making a list of things she will need, like a collection of nice shoes! God bless you all. Love, Floris

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