Nurse can you check my bedpan please?

DSCN1087What a journey Adita has had the past couple of weeks! Let’s start with the bad stuff and get it out of the way: on the 23rd of September we got a call from Adita’s daycare that she was having trouble breathing. After nine days of  TLC in the ICU at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta she was finally given a clean bill of health. She fought off a bad case of RSV which caused pneumonia. A normal breathing rate for an infant is about 30-40 respirations per minute (rpm). Adita was ranging from 90-110 rpms. She was put on oxygen to ease the workload on her tiny little lungs. She was also put on an IV to keep her hydrated since feeding her from the bottle was not an option while she was breathing so fast. The antibiotics helped fight off the pneumonia, but we had to ride out the virus until it was gone. Adita is now home with a happy smile and the trademark Montalvo appetite.DSCN1086

She couldn’t have gotten better without all the good thoughts and well-wishes from friends and family. Thank you for all the emails and phone calls that helped us get through this trying time. Thanks so much to Sarita, Leslie, Christie and the Ledoms for bringing food to the hospital!  Huge thanks to mom for flying in and spending so much time helping with Adita and everything else that seems to pile up when tending to a sick baby. We could not have done it without you.

Daddy tells the best stories








Mommy and me with my favorite toy

She stayed home from daycare an extra week then returned with her doctor’s note in hand on picture day! Perfect timing. Everyone was happy to see her and you could tell she was happy to see her daycare teachers again – she was smiling at everyone.

doctor's note in hand

Here’s all the good stuff – plenty of smiles and laughter to pass around. Enjoy!

peek a boo!


Miss October

Home sweet Home!

Tummy Time

4 month pic

Our last day in the Hospital…
Power to the Pediatricians!

Power to the Pediatricians!


One Response to “Nurse can you check my bedpan please?”

  1. Floris Says:

    We are extremely happy to know that she is doing so well. May God bless all the people who provided support to you all. Love, Floris

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