Turkey lurkey doo and Turkey lurkey dap…

I eat that Turkey and then I take a nap.

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Adita is 6 months old now! She has reached several milestones by now so brace yourself for some fun details!

She is eating baby food now and is already moved up to the 4 oz jars of food! That’s stage 2! She loves Applesauce, Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Peas and Bananas. She’s not a fan of the Green Beans at all!

She sits in her high chair to eat, recognizes her own name when we call her, can sit up for a little while without support, bangs on toys a lot (we like to call this ‘making music’ 😉 and she’s trying really hard to get in that crawling stance.

Are you talking to me?

We still can’t get her to stay on her Tummy for longer than 30 seconds without her having a fit!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family visiting us. Nick’s mom, Sue and his brother, Tim with daughter Skylar were all here. Then my brother, Jaime came with his girlfriend, Kristin. We ate a lot, played games, rested, went shopping a few times and put up the Christmas decorations! It was exactly the holiday that Nick and I needed. So much fun! And Adita loved every minute of extra attention she got too.

 Now bring on Christmas!!  🙂





3 Responses to “Turkey lurkey doo and Turkey lurkey dap…”

  1. Mama Says:

    She will be crawling pretty soon. More and more adorable by the day! This will definitely be a special Christmas for all of us.
    Love, Mama

  2. Floris Says:

    How wonderful to spend those special days with family! Adita simply looks adorable. Get ready to start running after her! Love, Floris

  3. Josh Says:

    try a ramp for tummytime…we had one cut out of foam…made a huge difference. Beautiful girl!!!

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