Chocked full o’ goodness!

Good things come to those who wait! Although with Adita you don’t have to wait long…she can make the simplest task so entertaining that the laughs and smiles are non-stop! There’s so much to catch up on with this blog so grab a snack, get comfortable and HANG ON!


Standing on my own 2 feet and 6 legs.

Let’s start at one of our favorite times of the year (the other being Halloween): CHRISTMAS! It was  time to pack as  Mom and Adita flew off to San Antonio for Christmas with the whole family. Nick joined a few days later as soon as work could spare him and the new Montalvo residence was officially sworn in. Bigger smiles couldn’t have been found anywhere; especially Nana and Pito’s! Miguelito actually came down early and helped mom and dad to get the new house looking amazing. Adita’s first Christmas will always hold a special place in our hearts, even if she was more interested in the wrapping paper than the presents.

This paper is beautiful!

The box is almost as big as me!

 Three's company!

That tree is sooo sparkly! Which book, which book?? Which book shall I give a look?


That was the funniest joke ever clancy!

Adita also got to meet Team Draper! Amy, David, DJ and Jordan, aka Slurpee,drove up from Dallas and we all hung out together and even got some great sight-seeing done downtown with a visit to the Alamo and an amazing lunch with Margaritas and laughter flowing non-stop! Ok, just one Margarita. But it was gooooood.

After an amazing Christmas with family and friends we all got back home just in time for New Years and a party with our close friends, who are all new parents. And as new parents, we were way too exhausted to stay up until midnite and watch the official ball drop. We first celebrated at 7pm EST and then again at 8pm before we called it a night. By the time Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest had ushered in 2010, the Bazins were already tucked in for a long winters night nap.

And what a winter it’s been so far…the coldest weather in almost 2 decades found it’s way to us dropping several inches of snow along the way and countless days of cold rain. Of course, Adita was so adorable all bundled up and looking like she was ready to tackle Mt. Everest! She’s our little snow bunny ready to go!

Keep close to me you are so warm.



Ummm...I have to go. Ahhh, nevermind.



And go she did, as Mom and daughter teamed together again to hit the road in January.  First Adita and Coach Ada started off with a trip down to Orlando for some quality time with Lyzette and Sal as they provided daycare services while mom recruited. Adita also got to meet her greatgrandmother, Lydia for the first time as well as her cousin-uncles and cousin-aunts! It was all so exciting and filled us both with warm fuzzies to last a long time. Then a week later back to San Antonio for more recruiting and quality time with the grandparents. 



Me and my godmama

January also found Nick celebrating his 39th birthday and Adita and Mom made the day so special with a fabulous dinner and the latest “How I Met Your Mother” on DVD. Good times! Speaking of birthdays, here’s some snapshots of Adita’s who just celebrated her latest un-birthday, clocking in at 8 months, 18.5 pounds and 26 inches long.



I make these look good







[ ?posts_id=3222274&dest=-1]


At 8 months she now sits up on her own perfectly fine but not for long as she’s trying to go straight into seems that crawling is beneath her but we’re trying to convince her that it’ll get her from point A to point B quicker than rolling, which is her only other form of transportation right now.  She has a new habit of sticking out her tongue, which looks just as silly as it sounds. I once saw her play for 5 minutes and that tongue continued to hang out the whole time!


Mom and daughter!


My first time meeting a 'character' - prep for Disney

Mom and Dad took me to the Georgia State Bball game

Why are they always running mommy?

Then add a dash of oregano and stir like so!

Then add a dash of oregano and stir like so!


3 Responses to “Chocked full o’ goodness!”

  1. Mama Says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  2. Floris Says:

    Wow! It is amazing how big and lovely she is. God bless you all.

  3. Abbie Says:

    She is getting too big too fast!!!! Great update! Miss you guys!!!! Next time you are in Orlando again you will have to let us know…we’d LOVE to see you guys!!!!

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