Chocked full o’ goodness!

February 11, 2010
Good things come to those who wait! Although with Adita you don’t have to wait long…she can make the simplest task so entertaining that the laughs and smiles are non-stop! There’s so much to catch up on with this blog so grab a snack, get comfortable and HANG ON!


Standing on my own 2 feet and 6 legs.

Let’s start at one of our favorite times of the year (the other being Halloween): CHRISTMAS! It was  time to pack as  Mom and Adita flew off to San Antonio for Christmas with the whole family. Nick joined a few days later as soon as work could spare him and the new Montalvo residence was officially sworn in. Bigger smiles couldn’t have been found anywhere; especially Nana and Pito’s! Miguelito actually came down early and helped mom and dad to get the new house looking amazing. Adita’s first Christmas will always hold a special place in our hearts, even if she was more interested in the wrapping paper than the presents.

This paper is beautiful!

The box is almost as big as me!

 Three's company!

That tree is sooo sparkly! Which book, which book?? Which book shall I give a look?


That was the funniest joke ever clancy!

Adita also got to meet Team Draper! Amy, David, DJ and Jordan, aka Slurpee,drove up from Dallas and we all hung out together and even got some great sight-seeing done downtown with a visit to the Alamo and an amazing lunch with Margaritas and laughter flowing non-stop! Ok, just one Margarita. But it was gooooood.

After an amazing Christmas with family and friends we all got back home just in time for New Years and a party with our close friends, who are all new parents. And as new parents, we were way too exhausted to stay up until midnite and watch the official ball drop. We first celebrated at 7pm EST and then again at 8pm before we called it a night. By the time Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest had ushered in 2010, the Bazins were already tucked in for a long winters night nap.

And what a winter it’s been so far…the coldest weather in almost 2 decades found it’s way to us dropping several inches of snow along the way and countless days of cold rain. Of course, Adita was so adorable all bundled up and looking like she was ready to tackle Mt. Everest! She’s our little snow bunny ready to go!

Keep close to me you are so warm.



Ummm...I have to go. Ahhh, nevermind.



And go she did, as Mom and daughter teamed together again to hit the road in January.  First Adita and Coach Ada started off with a trip down to Orlando for some quality time with Lyzette and Sal as they provided daycare services while mom recruited. Adita also got to meet her greatgrandmother, Lydia for the first time as well as her cousin-uncles and cousin-aunts! It was all so exciting and filled us both with warm fuzzies to last a long time. Then a week later back to San Antonio for more recruiting and quality time with the grandparents. 



Me and my godmama

January also found Nick celebrating his 39th birthday and Adita and Mom made the day so special with a fabulous dinner and the latest “How I Met Your Mother” on DVD. Good times! Speaking of birthdays, here’s some snapshots of Adita’s who just celebrated her latest un-birthday, clocking in at 8 months, 18.5 pounds and 26 inches long.



I make these look good








At 8 months she now sits up on her own perfectly fine but not for long as she’s trying to go straight into seems that crawling is beneath her but we’re trying to convince her that it’ll get her from point A to point B quicker than rolling, which is her only other form of transportation right now.  She has a new habit of sticking out her tongue, which looks just as silly as it sounds. I once saw her play for 5 minutes and that tongue continued to hang out the whole time!


Mom and daughter!


My first time meeting a 'character' - prep for Disney

Mom and Dad took me to the Georgia State Bball game

Why are they always running mommy?

Then add a dash of oregano and stir like so!

Then add a dash of oregano and stir like so!

Turkey lurkey doo and Turkey lurkey dap…

November 30, 2009

I eat that Turkey and then I take a nap.

Adita is 6 months old now! She has reached several milestones by now so brace yourself for some fun details!

She is eating baby food now and is already moved up to the 4 oz jars of food! That’s stage 2! She loves Applesauce, Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Peas and Bananas. She’s not a fan of the Green Beans at all!

She sits in her high chair to eat, recognizes her own name when we call her, can sit up for a little while without support, bangs on toys a lot (we like to call this ‘making music’ 😉 and she’s trying really hard to get in that crawling stance.

Are you talking to me?

We still can’t get her to stay on her Tummy for longer than 30 seconds without her having a fit!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family visiting us. Nick’s mom, Sue and his brother, Tim with daughter Skylar were all here. Then my brother, Jaime came with his girlfriend, Kristin. We ate a lot, played games, rested, went shopping a few times and put up the Christmas decorations! It was exactly the holiday that Nick and I needed. So much fun! And Adita loved every minute of extra attention she got too.

 Now bring on Christmas!!  🙂




Thank you sir…may I have another?

October 31, 2009

If you ever come across Adita and she has that hungry look in her eye, it’s best to keep your hands out of biting distance. Between the teething and her growing appetite her chompers are getting quite strong! She now can down 8 ozs of formula without even blinking, comes up for air and then shortly aftewards will finish off a jar of Beech Nut’s Butternut Squash or Carrots. She’s even waking up once or twice in the middle of the night to give back in the form of a 1 pound wet diaper, then puts in another order for 8 more ounces of formula, well done.


Yum, yum in da tum tum!

Yum, yum in da tum tum! Ada can't get enough of the spoon or the food!

Adita’s quite the fashion forward type, often choosing to wear more than 1 outfit a day.  Bedazzling to all with her quick smile and easy charm!

Go Gators!

Go Gators!

Adita now bathes without the sling on her little tub and makes quite a splash while doing it! Sometimes we get almost as wet as her but never as cute.

B as in Beautiful!

B as in Beautiful!

The highlight of recent memory is a great visit with our papa! He was in town for business and made sure to splend plenty of quality time with all of us! Can’t wait till the next visit!

Hey cutie!

Hey cutie!

We make a cute pair!

We make a cute pair!

Another set of visiters came by: the honeymooners, Jonathan and Ruth and their handsome Desmond, or as they like to introduce him to Adita, “Your future husband!” They are so cute together and I can tell Adita misses him dearly. She asked me to tell him he has the softest hands, and that his voice reminds her of a morning bird in song. So freakin’ cute!

Adita also turned 5 months this week…5 months that seem to have flown by! She weighs 14.5 lbs and continues to make strides with holding herself up and making all kinds of sounds. Here she’s all dressed up to scare the trick-or-treaters on her first Halloween, and hopes everyone has a great time! BOO!



Nurse can you check my bedpan please?

October 12, 2009

DSCN1087What a journey Adita has had the past couple of weeks! Let’s start with the bad stuff and get it out of the way: on the 23rd of September we got a call from Adita’s daycare that she was having trouble breathing. After nine days of  TLC in the ICU at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta she was finally given a clean bill of health. She fought off a bad case of RSV which caused pneumonia. A normal breathing rate for an infant is about 30-40 respirations per minute (rpm). Adita was ranging from 90-110 rpms. She was put on oxygen to ease the workload on her tiny little lungs. She was also put on an IV to keep her hydrated since feeding her from the bottle was not an option while she was breathing so fast. The antibiotics helped fight off the pneumonia, but we had to ride out the virus until it was gone. Adita is now home with a happy smile and the trademark Montalvo appetite.DSCN1086

She couldn’t have gotten better without all the good thoughts and well-wishes from friends and family. Thank you for all the emails and phone calls that helped us get through this trying time. Thanks so much to Sarita, Leslie, Christie and the Ledoms for bringing food to the hospital!  Huge thanks to mom for flying in and spending so much time helping with Adita and everything else that seems to pile up when tending to a sick baby. We could not have done it without you.

Daddy tells the best stories








Mommy and me with my favorite toy

She stayed home from daycare an extra week then returned with her doctor’s note in hand on picture day! Perfect timing. Everyone was happy to see her and you could tell she was happy to see her daycare teachers again – she was smiling at everyone.

doctor's note in hand

Here’s all the good stuff – plenty of smiles and laughter to pass around. Enjoy!

peek a boo!


Miss October

Home sweet Home!

Tummy Time

4 month pic

Our last day in the Hospital…
Power to the Pediatricians!

Power to the Pediatricians!

Rice, Rice Baby

September 20, 2009

We reached another milestone! Adita started Rice Cereal this past week! She was getting up to 7 ounces of milk and still hungry so we decided to thicken up her milk a bit. It seems to work well too. She gets some in her milk at night and sleeps really well. We tried to spoon feed her once, but we quickly found that it would take hours to feed her from the bowl.

This face will be the reason we spoil her!

This face will be the reason we spoil her!

These days, Adita is started to teeth and is always ‘talking’ to us. Lately she’s been making high pitch eagle-like noises that could break glass if she held the note long enough. She’s grabbing things, holding them in front of her face to get a closer look at and is getting better and better at holding her own bottle! She’s such a sweetheart and is a big hit at her daycare. They absolutely go nuts over her when we are dropping her off. Adita is always so alert in the morning and looking around with those big blue eyes. She loves people talking to her and listens intently. So adorable!
On a more ‘real life’ point (be sure you’re not eating at the time you read this)…her poop is getting more and more ‘human like’. ;o) Must be that rice cereal because WOW! We HAVE to take turns doing diaper changes now so that our lungs don’t fill with toxic gasses! YIKES!
Thanks to the Draper family we have this wonderful baby carrier that Adita LOVES to be in. We love it too because we can get other things done around the house or around town with our hands free. She doesn’t like being in it facing us, she only wants to face out to see everything around her. So funny to see her strapped onto her Daddy!
Shopping with my Daddy

Shopping with my Daddy

Adita turns 4 months old on the 28th of September and will have her next set of vaccination shots at that time. NO FUN! We’ll also be hoping that the doctor likes how her head is shaping. No helmet please! Fingers crossed. We’ll also find out what the doctor thinks about her teething starting up. She seems to love the cold water teething toys and is pretty good at holding it in place so she can bite down on it.
It’s also fun to see her smiling so much and even letting out a little laugh from time to time. Being parents just gets better and better every week. She learns things really fast and is interacting with us all the time. So much fun!
rice rice baby1
rice rice baby22
rice rice baby16
rice rice baby34
rice rice baby35

Put your finger in the air, in the air…

September 2, 2009
Adita turned 3 months last week and what an amazing 3 months it has been so far. On the first day we saw her we couldn’t stop smiling, now when she see us for the first time each day she returns the smiles and then some. Recently she even giggled for Ada and then Nick…there are a lot of ‘firsts’ that have happened so far, but this is by far the cutest! One not-so-cute ‘first’ was the pooping in the bathtub! We knew this would happen sooner or later and for us, it came later rather than soon compared to many, but wow! And Adita was so proud of herself during the act as she smiled through every minute of it even while Mommy and Daddy lifted her up to drain the tub and start again. YUK!
One day she will lay the smacketh down upon thee Spalding.

One day she will lay the smacketh down upon thee Spalding.

Adita’s hand to eye coordination is starting to kick in…she’s already finding our fingers and grasping them tightly with her closed fist. Her favorite toy right now is the Chime Garden Party- Musical Toy by Lamaze. We could sit and watch her try to smack those flowers for hours. Her face lights up every time she makes the toy light up and play music.

In other events, mom put on her coaching hat for the weekend to travel with the Georgia State volleyball team’s on their first road trip and first tournament of the year. They were 3-1 on the weekend and started off the season with a bang! Dad and Adita stayed home and did their usual routine…curiously enough there seemed to be twice as many dirty diapers as when mom is home. Hmmmm. And check out the volleyball team’s media guide with a dashing picture of the coach and her family. Here’s a short video of us arriving to work with mom for Blue & White team scrimmage.

Now if you want to see some more videos of her, feel free to check out, as new ones are posted constantly with our new Creative Vado HD digicam. Maybe one day that elusive giggle will be caught for the masses to see, until then we wait patiently content in the steady stream of smiles.

Let's ride!

Let's ride!

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

Let's see...what should we have for dinner?

Let's see...what should we have for dinner?

Can I have 3 bottles this time?

Can I have 3 bottles this time?

"I got no strings to hold me down..."

"I got no strings to hold me down..."

Blue Eyes still intact

Blue Eyes still intact

Smiley cat, smiley cat, what are they feeding you?

August 11, 2009

Our 2 month check up came and went already. The five vaccination shots they gave her in her legs made her scream more than I have ever heard! It absolutely broke my heart. Good thing that nurse did it quickly and got out of the room because it makes a parent want to throw a punch their way. I don’t understand why they can’t spread those shots out more. Five shots in one day is a lot for a tiny little baby. It would be a lot for an adult! Anyway, after some infant tylenol and lots of TLC she was fine. Thank goodness she never ran a fever or had any bad reactions. Just swollen thighs where they injected the needles. Needless to say, she was not a happy camper for the rest of the day, but we do have plenty of smiling pictures to prove that she has been a SMILEY baby since. 😉

Adita is SO close to a giggle – she grins huge and makes a little noise along with it sometimes. Can only imagine what her little laugh will sound like one day. 😉 Not to mention the precious moments that make us laugh then she smiles back at us. LOVE IT! ENJOY!




Has my limo arrived yet?

Bath time is always fun with those smiles!

Bath time is always fun with those smiles!

5 weeks002

The following pictures were taken by Rob Witzel (our photographer from our wedding).
He is AWESOME!!! He was excited to document the historical moment of the four generations of Ada’s being together. Here are a few of my favorites from that day: June 18, 2009. (Adita was only 3 weeks old)






Before the summer ended we had one more wave of friends stop by to say HI and see the new house and of course, the star of the show, Adita! Our friends Jason and Leslie came over for dinner with their 1 year old, Olive. A great time was had by all, and the portabella mushroom parmesan was delectable!

Hey, that's my momma!

We then went to a game night hosted by the Ledom’s. 4 couples, 4 brand-new babies and a lot of catch phrase! An impromptu photo session on the couch made us all bust out laughing it was so cute. Then the last Sunday of the summer was capped off by a visit from Adita’s Godparents, Lauren and Jordan. They’re always a delight and we chowed down on the biggest fish and chips I’ve ever seen down in Little 5 Points @

4 babies and a couch

This past week also marked Coach mommy’s first day back to work and Adita’s first week at daycare. Both went off without a hitch, and Coach Ada hit the ground running and kept going strong with a team dinner on Saturday night followed by a team outing of white water rafting on the Ocoee! Adita was a hit at daycare and Ms. Viris, her morning teacher says she is always smiling and only complains if the chef takes a little too long to prepare her meals. Nick continues to find more things to love about his new job, but still can’t wait til quittin’ time to go pick up his two favorite girls and head home for time with the family.

The stay-cation comes to an end…

July 31, 2009

The summer was fun and jam packed – but, as the old saying goes, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.
Mommy returns to work on Monday the 3rd and Adita will begin her first day at Daycare. Daddy got an awesome new job up in Norcross, GA and has been getting over the shock of a REAL commute to work. No more getting up 10 minutes before work and walking downstairs to start the day. But the job and the pay are WAY better so we’re ok with it!

2 monthsADITA on her very merry 2 month un-birthday

The little princess has met most of her family now and has grown in every way possible! Not only has she gained weight (she weighs 10.5 lbs!), but she has developed quite a little personality too! She smiles on a regular basis now, repsonds to our voices and other sounds around her and is starting to reach and grab a little here and there. In fact, today while I was working at the computer and she was next to me sleeping I turn to look at her and she had her pacifier in her mouth – I didn’t put it there! So cool! I would have loved to have seen her do that though! Too bad I missed that moment. Well, as you can see by the pictures below we havn’t missed too many other moments! Enjoy all the fun updates and special memories she shared with family and friends. We’ll try to keep up with the updates as best as we can in the future. All the best to all of you and yours! xoxox

first class passengerHer FIRST Airplane Ride- we flew to San Antonio for Dad’s Retirement, FIRST CLASS! 😉 The flight attendant even offered for us to take a picture in the cockpit. WOW! I didn’t know they did this anymore. Adita got her wings that day. She was so well behaved and slept the whole way there. Such a good baby. in the cockpit







She was awesome at Dad’s retirement ceremony and dinner – she slept the whole time there too! That was an amazing day! And for all of us to be together on such a momentus occassion was truly a gift. Dad retired from the Air Force as a Colonel after 30 years. He had an incredible career decorated with medals of honor, world travels, major accomplishments that served the medical world in many ways and many prestigous assignments. I learned a lot about my dad that day and seeing so many high ranked officers attend to speak about him and celebrate his career made me glow with pride. Being an Air Force family provided us very rich experiences that I am so grateful for and hope to give something similar to Adita as she grows up.
dads retirement ceremony

 From left to right: Tio Yayi, cousins Sandra & Sofia, Titi Sarita, Me and Adita, cousin Sylvia, Mom & Dad, Brothers Miguel & Jaime with his girlfriend, Kristin

She had tons of time with family. Her uncles were so sweet with her! Made mommy choke up a few times. 😉 We took her to her first tourist attraction: the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio. Adita wasn’t very interested…
5 weeks010DSCN0841



with uncle miguel









Her first time with Uncle Miguel. So precious!!

with uncle jaime

Cozy on the couch with Uncle Jaime.


LOOK how much her head has grown –
first picture was taken at 1 Day old.
Second picture was taken at 2 months old.


head grew

clancy nana







While in San Antonio at her grandparent’s house their golden retriever, Clancy took on the role as Nana and came running to check on Adita any time she fussed or cried. He was so good with her and always so concerned about her. Made me want a Golden! We’ll wait about 5 years for that though. 😉

She also made sure to get all her Gator Gear taken care of while we were in Gainesville too. :o) Meeting all the UF Volleyball peeps was so great – she was hugged and adored by many. So sweet!
gator girl

This is by far her favorite place to be – there’s no place like daddy’s comfortable arms!

asleep with dad

What’s that smell?

June 30, 2009

One month old on June 28th


She’s still learning to open her hand before hitting the volleyball, but we’re getting there. 😉
At one month she is starting to focus on the world around her a little better. She can find us by the sound of our voice and follow us with her eyes fairly well. And we can find her really easily by the smell of her toots!

Adita’s “aunties” Suawanna and Alaina came to visit while in town to see Eddie Vedder. (Always thought it was cool that he has double d’s in his first and last name – not to mention he is a fantastic musician/artist, of course.) Anyway, this is such a sweet picture of the three of them because Adita is smiling and loving the attention she’s getting. hee hee 😉


We very much miss her grand”mama” – we felt so much more confident as parents with her here, but we will be fine. She will also be with her grandparents and uncles in July when we go to San Antonio together. Thank you Mama for everything!!! You were so awesome and helped us get some much needed rest during the first month. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


“La Maja Desnuda” by Goya – what a poser!!!



With memories of labor day still clear in our heads, we truly cannot believe we are already one month into parenthood. 😉 Besides the very fussy times she goes through during the day, we really are loving every moment. We are forever changed for the better, and our life together has new meaning. For the first time, we are actually paying attention to commercials about life insurance. Best of all we have a little life that depends on us and needs us to provide for her. It’s the best feeling in the world when she falls asleep on your shoulder or the times that she is alert, watching every move we make and responding to the toys we bring out to entertain her with. So adorable!

More baby news! Atlanta friends, Heather and Nathan had their baby girl, Emersen, earlier than expected on June 24th. We’re all looking forward to baby play dates!

21st birth-day and Graduation already?

June 21, 2009


At only 21 days old, Adita has already grown quite a bit, gone on a road trip, met all of her grandparents including her great grandparents, as well as her godparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. In short, she’s been very busy.
Let’s first announce that she graduated from preemie diapers to newborn size! Yay! We made her a diaper graduation cap in honor of the occasion. 😉





Her last doctor visit on June 15th revealed that her current weight is 7lbs, 1 oz. She also grew one more inch already and is now 20.5 inches long. She eats like crazy – now asking for 3 ounces and sometimes a little more. She also poops a lot more! Yikes! Her new nickname is Gizmo Caca!

Her uncle Jaime and girlfriend, Kristin, came on a weekend visit and we had a blast hanging out! No question that Adita is getting mega spoiled! 
DSCN0633With grandparents, Mama and Papa – taking a quick photo shoot before Papa leaves for the airport. See you in July Papa!


adita_birthday071The most historical moment this past week was the chance for Adita to spend five days with her great grandparents in Gainesville, FL as well as her original name sake – the four generations of Ada’s were united for a week of fun in the sun. Well, it was too hot to be out in the sun, so it was a week of fun indoors.

adita_birthday074Adita had an exciting week in Gainesville, FL visiting her family and friends. She even had a 2.5 hour professional photo shoot – those pictures will come in the near future …Adita was a trooper and actually loved all the camera flashes – maybe she was born to be under the spotlight. Haha! Our wedding photographer from ’06, Rob Witzel and wife, Marion, arranged some BEAUTIFUL photos of Adita with her great grandparents, the four Ada’s and with her mommy. Can’t wait to see them all!

In other news…….Adita is very aware and alert all the time. She has already found herself in the mirror and likes to check herself out on occasion. 😉

She also loves bath time. Being in the warm water calms her completely. It’s getting out of the water and trying to stay warm that is the hard part. 
Adita  also had a big moment when she shocked us all and held her own bottle!! She grabbed it from me here – this is a real picture. It is not photo-shopped nor did I put her hands in place.


UF Grad friends, Molly and Drew (newly engaged!) came to visit on their way into town from Key West.adita_birthday003

Work associate, Awilda, stopped by one day after work to pay us a visit too. 😉

adita_birthday006Looking straight into her grandma Sue’s eyes. How cute!

Her first visit with her Godparents, Lauren and Jordan – what a precious moment!adita_birthday045

Comfortable in the arms of her second cousin, Teri.


Hanging out with Titi Lyzette.


In matching dresses with her cousin, Skylar and friend of Skylar’s, Brooke.adita_birthday054So popular that even Bob and Anne Funkhouser came by to spend a moment with Adita.

With cousin, Gabriel and his girlfriend, Heather during our last night in Gainesville – what a good looking group!! 😉
More good news! Max is back home and is doing very well. All his wounds healed beautifully and amazingly, he is walking very close to normal as well as running and jumping like he used to. He’s such a strong little guy! Unlike the picture shows, he now has his lamp shade off and all his stitches are out. His favorite place to get rubbed is his neck, for sure! He’s so happy to have the lamp shade off! He is very sweet with Adita and carefully approaches her to sniff and kiss her feet. It’s really cute.


Our friends, Jonathon and Ruth in Nashville had their baby boy on June 4th and are home also figuring out life with a newborn just like us. We call each other as often as we can to compare notes. We’re hoping their Desmond and our Adita get to meet in the near future. Ruth worked through a 27hour labor to deliver Desmond and is doing really well, considering. What a trooper!!
Atlanta friends, Matt and April had their little girl recently on June 18th. Madalyne Mae was very nice to her mommy and popped out in about 30 minutes when it was time to push. 8lbs, 1oz and 21 inches long, Maddy is a precious baby girl and adjusting to life on land very well. We’re so happy for them. Nathan and Heather are next then Rebecca and Ross up in Canada. Can’t wait to hear more baby news!